ROAD TRIPS / Episode 2
Date 12 February 2019

ROAD TRIPS at Point.B Studio

Greetings from #rdcHQ! We're gearing up for a year of ROAD TRIPS episodes which is now showing in our street level gallery at Point.B Studio. This year, we are trying something entirely different with a full year of episodic art shows under a common storyline that is inspired by one of our featured artists, Lance Nix, and his four-legged friend, Cromwell, who accompanied him on his many photographic journeys over the years.

ROAD TRIPS / Episode 1

Our first episode introduced our poster design that we will use throughout the series. Designed by Nathan and Rebecca Malamud, it was created to resemble a road atlas. The compass rose is from the Port Orford Historical Photos website that was and is an ongoing project at #rdcHQ, co-designed by Rebecca and Nathan with contributions from the crew at #rdcHQ and photos from the people of Port Orford. Episode 1 also features the work of Michael Brumit, Michael Crofoot, Levi Thompson and Lois Miller.

We are currently exhibiting "Episode 2" featuring the fine art and travel photography of Aimie Bussmann and the documentary photography of Kenneth Hughes.