About The RDC

351 Building

In A Nutshell

The Rural Design Collective began as a really cool summer mentoring program with a local focus designed to help motivated, creative people begin a career on the Internet. It has evolved into a R&D media lab where people can collaborate and work on positive ideas to help change the world and make a difference in their community.

Our Headquarters

RDC Headquarters is a state-of-the-art design and computing environment outfitted with hardware and software that is considered industry standard. The Rural Design Collective often originates or organizes design projects and welcomes participation from individuals interested in the initiative or wanting to gain experience in a particular area of technical or creative interest. Sponsored projects are typically structured on a three-month timeframe and creatives are matched to work that best suits their gifts and helps establish their credibility as a design professional or career artist. The end result is a finished product and Internet rollout and is often accompanied by a publicized “launch party” where the participants get the opportunity to demo their creations to the community.

The program has evolved over the years since its inception. We remain committed to our original mission of learning technology creatively through real world projects and helping to make a difference at home and in the world.


Geographically located in Port Orford, OR, near Sixes, its default integer is an allusion to the central-most mile marker in town. The program was founded by Rebecca Hargrave Malamud in 2006 and is organized annually by Point.B Studio. We like to learn stuff and make a difference in the world!

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