Current Projects

We’re proud of our work and it shows! The Rural Design Collective’s projects have been featured at international conferences and in the media, and have helped our collaborators move their good ideas forward. Check back for more projects soon!

351-Atlas (2016 - Present)

351 Atlas
Project URL:Alpha Release (2016) Status: Active
Project Description: In 2016, we’re mapping historical photos in partnership with Port Orford Historical Photos (a.k.a. 351-Archive). In addition to mapping history, we will be taking some unexpected detours and journeys into the present and future with some experimental 3D Mapping and Rendering.
Project Sponsor: Point.B Studio

351-Archive (2014 - Present)

Port Orford Historical Photos
Project URL:Alpha Release (2014) Status: Active
Project Description: This project began as a love affair between Alan Mitchell and the town of Port Orford, Oregon. Situated near the most westerly point in the contiguous US, the site is taking a step into the future with the 351-Atlas.
Project Sponsor: Point.B Studio

Gegenschein Time Capsule (2015) - Present

Gegenschein Time Capsule
Project URL:Alpha Release (2015) Status: Active
Project Description: The first exhibit of its kind at Point.B Studio. The time capsule is now in alpha and the contents are being documented for an installation date yet to be determined. At present, our time capsule projects include The Pastel Restoration Project and Pixel Remix.
Project Sponsor: Point.B Studio

The Thing System (2015)

The Thing System
Project URL:Alpha (2015) Status: Open Source
Project Description: Our new space at 351 Sixth Street is Internet-of-Things enabled, and we are proud to be powered by The Thing System! The Rural Design Collective are early adopters of the technology and Point.B Studio helped launch the first iteration of the website and steward.
Project Sponsor: Point.B Studio

Win This Helmet (2015)

Win This Helmet
Project URL:Beta Release (2015) Status: Completed
Project Description: We lent our local fire department a helping hand at The Cape Blanco Country Music Festival with “WIN THIS HELMET”, a fundraising campaign where a SRFPD helmet signed by the performers was raffled off at the event.
Project Sponsor: Point.B Studio

POCSA Beta v.1 (2013)

Project URL:POCSA Beta v.1 (2013) Status: Completed
Project Description: The Rural Design Collective launched POCSA (Beta v.1) to brainstorm how we can more effectively collaborate with other like-minded folks and organizations to protect our local geographic area as well as the planet.
Project Sponsor: Point.B Studio