"Altered Egos" are pointillized portraits based on photographs. Autographed by the artist and imaged to archival 100% cotton rag paper.

"Alligator Lizard" is the first prototype in a new series by Levi Thompson and is available as a limited edition of 10 exclusively through Point.B Studio. This pointillistic portrait is based on a photograph of nature by the artist and rendered entirely by hand using a Wacom tablet and digital pen.

The artist renders personalized portraits using the same technique on commission. If you would like to be pointillized for posterity, please contact Point.B Studio for more details on the "Altered Ego" series.

About The Artist
Levi Thompson is a self-trained illustrator living in Port Orford, Oregon. His art is strongly influenced in equal parts by the realms of science fiction and Japanese anime. He has a strong sense of color, an intense imagination and a unique sensitivity that enables him to construct worlds based in an alternate reality.

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Buy 17" Print Buy 10" Print Alligator Lizard (Altered Ego) by Levi Thompson.
Available as 10" x 10" (open edition) and 17" x 17" square (edition of 10).
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