[ˈɡeːɡənʃaɪn] is currently in BETA at Point.B Studio and will resume in 2017.

"Gegenschein - An Artistic Work In Progress" is the first exhibit of its kind at Point.B Studio. The exhibits will evolve throughout the course of the show. Most of the work is interactive and is continually evolving and changing on the Internet. Gegenschein is conceived to highlight these amazing artists.

Participating artists include Luis Argerich + Cameron Beccario + Rockne Berge + Chloé Feldman Emison + Peter Fraterdeus + David Victor Feldman + William Paul Gaetjens + stella untalan + Gerd Jansen + Pete Ippel + Nathan Malamud + Rebecca Hargrave Malamud + Lois Miller + ReJON + Cory Simonson + Levi Thompson + Tullio + Fernanda Viégas + Martin Wattenberg + Stephen Von Worley + Zeldman.

Gegenschein (Lightbox Interpretation) = Art by David Victor Feldman + Astrophotography by Luis Argerich + Design by Rebecca Malamud.

Earth (Temp) by Cameron Beccario and 209 Dido (Verso) by William Paul Gaetjens.

Postscript Poetry by David Victor Feldman and countune (Lightbox Interpretation) by Gerd Jansen. In situ installation by Rebecca Malamud.

We are currently in the planning stages of our time capsule project. The contents of the capsule will be on display at Point.B Studio until it is installed in 2015. We will also post updates on this page as we design and determine the contents. Watch this space for details!

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[ˈɡeːɡənʃaɪn] is an artistic work in progress at Point.B Studio. The symbols in our event logotype are from the International Phonetic Alphabet. The typefaces are Gentium + Constantia.