Collaborative fine art posters created on-site, often while an event is in progress.
Each work becomes a snapshot in time of projects in flux, emphasizing themes and the ethos of Point.B Studio.

Available as limited edition and one of a kind. Signed by the artist(s). Framing available on request.

{~beaux libre*} is a diptych designed by The Rural Design Collective in 2012. Private Collection.

Songlines is a unique installation designed to be paired with metal sculpture. Sculptures available.

αἰτία is a collaborative poster designed onsite at Point.B in 2011. It features countune by Gerd Jansen.

FindWay, designed in 2009, is accompanied by a series of maze puzzle books. Fine art print.

#spring is a poster series celebrating 10 years of Point.B Studio. Each print is one of a kind.

interazione features the sinusoidal stylings of David Victor Feldman. Fine art prints available.

WWLBD? debuted at the first #spring exhibit at Point.B Studio. It is available only as a limited edition triptych.

[ˈɡeːɡənʃaɪn] ~ An Artistic Work In Progress.

Point.B Studio Exclusive Event Editions debuted at Interazione to commemorate
the move to our new gallery and studio space at 351 6th Street.

Contact Point.B Studio regarding availability of these unique works

find way ~ songlines ~ αἰτία ~ { ~beaux libre* } ~ spring ~ interazione ~ [ˈɡeːɡənʃaɪn] ~ #351100