Color Code by Martin Wattenberg. The atlas reveals related clusters of words related to plants, flesh, food, and water.

Color Code

Color Code is a full-color portrait of the English language.

The artwork is an interactive map of more than 33,000 words. Each word has been assigned a color based on the average color of images found by a search engine. The words are then grouped by meaning. The resulting patterns form an atlas of our lexicon.

Color Code at Point.B Studio.

Color Code made a special appearance at "Interazione" as a large scale backlit illuminated canvas mounted to plexiglass.

Artist Statement

Martin Wattenberg is a computer scientist
and artist: "My work focuses on visual explorations of culturally significant data.
I'm constantly seeking new ways to represent information to create connection, insight, narrative and beauty. A particular interest is using visual tools to foster collaboration and collective discovery."

About The Art

Color Code is shown at left with "Postscript Poetry (Triptych)" by David Victor Feldman. Left to right: "Fourier Meandering", "Sierpinski's Quilt" and "Interazione (Illuminated)."

Also pictured is "Midnight Sun," an exquisite metal sculpture from "Progressions" by William Paul Gaetjens.