Fractal 86 - $450 signed art print. 32"x 40"

Fractal 84 - $450 signed art print. 32 "x 40"

"Fractal Curves" by artist JJ Ventrella, ravel into imaginary places and unchartered territories that entices and invites further exploration. Viewing these space-filling curves with only a few levels of fractal recursion reveals the beautiful logic of its convoluted path. Each fractal is imaged at true 2880 resolution as museum quality giclée art prints. Includes a signed certificate of authenticity by the artist and a digital edition of Brain-filling Curves. A Fractal Bestiary.

About The Artist

Jeffrey Ventrella co-founded the virtual world company An innovator, artist, and software programmer, he has lectured in Europe and North America on artificial life, virtual worlds, and computational art. Jeffrey is currently working on a new project using high-end computer animation technology for realtime, gesture-based interactive visual music.

Jeffrey lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife, a dog, and two chickens.

The Ideas behind the Art

A visual math expedition, lead by a lifelong fractal explorer. This book introduces an intuitive scheme for identifying types of plane-filling fractal curves. Over 200 amazing specimens are explored, including the 'classics' of Koch, Peano, Hilbert, Gosper, and Mandelbrot, and revealing over a hundred never-seen-before specimens, all categorized into a vast family tree. Many are rendered with provocative coloring.