Tullio Francesco DeSantis (born 1948), also known as Tullio, is an American contemporary artist, writer, technologist, and teacher. His work is informed by ancient and contemporary philosophy, science, and the relationship between art and life.

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Artists Catalog

Tullio creates a drawing on paper, then digitizes the original to create one light and one dark variation. A number of instantiations of Tullio's works are available. Each are priced and described below.

  • Artist Proof
    Unnumbered and signed prints from Tullio's Instagram catalog are available for $250. These are the proofs made for the artist by Point.B Studio before an edition is created.
  • Companion Prints
    Light and dark variations available only as a limited edition of 10 are available for $300.
  • Unique Impression
    A unique impression (1/1) of any work (light or dark) can be made from the artist's catalog for $500, providing a limited edition has not already been established. No other print will be made of this work.
  • Original Drawings
    The original drawings created on Bristol boards are available (please inquire for pricing and availability using the form below). These are represented as light versions in Tullio's catalog.
  • Limited Editions
    Select works from the artist's catalog are available as editions of 10, and "Universal Portrait" shown at left is also available as an Open Edition. These can be purchased here. Artist Proofs do exist for these works so please inquire regarding availability.

Limited editions and Companion Prints can be purchased individually on this page. To enquire regarding the availability of other types of editions, please use the form below. Please list the work(s) you are interested in from Tullio's Instagram catalog. List each work's title and what type of print you desire (Artist Proof, Unique Impression, Original Bristol Board). You will receive a message regarding availability and a link to acquire your art.