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California Wildfires and Hurricane Nate — Edition of 10 (32" x 40")
Available in 17" x 24" ($150) and 12" x 17" ($75). - Proceeds will be donated Sonoma relief efforts.

On the evening of October 7 2017, a series of wildfires broke out across California wine country that devastated the urban and pastoral landscape. We were contacted by a resident of Santa Rosa, Joe, who was on-site and living in his car for a week waiting to be evacuated. He asked us to create a wind map that showed the powerful Santa Ana winds that swept through that night and subsequent morning.

A Wind Story — Patterns of October 7 2017

Artists Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viégas created a rendering of the wind patterns on the day the California Wildfires began. The proceeds go to support people affected and displaced by the fire. The video below illustrates the power of the wind without the contiguous terresterial boundary to clearly show the patterns along both coasts with Hurricane Nate also swirling in the Gulf Coast of the United States.

Several artists represented by Point.B Studio are offering their work to support the victims of wildfire this season. Many western states in the US suffered extreme fire damage due to drought, changes in climate and poorly managed forest lands. We're planning to continue to raise awareness of these important issues through continued artistic endeavors.

Click To Order Artist Pete Ippel created this emotive visual response to the devastating wildfires in California, many of them close to his home base in Ventura. He is the catalyst in creating this fundraising effort for the victims who continue to deal with the aftermath of this tragedy (which will continue for years as residents rebuild) while most of us go on with our daily lives. All proceeds of this print go to fire relief and you can specify the organization of your choice on checkout. Lists of donation sites are available at Curbed and Sonoma Fire Info (a real-time list powered by volunteers).

The Memory Palace Press

Click To Order Docent Scott Peden was a nature nut known for his great love of some of the tiniest and most resilient inhabitants of our planet, insects. He was well known for his intensely detailed hikes in the Big Basin, where he engaged hikers in his micro-world. After just a few hours, guests would be amazed that they had only explored a few feet of territory. Proceeds go to the protection of the Redwoods led by the Sempervirens Fund who are also collecting funds for a tree in Scott's honor.

Click To Order Lois Miller was another passionate voice for the natural world, reminding everyone that there is so much beauty to be found around you — sometimes you just need to look a little harder to see it. Proceeds for the sale of this Rare Bird Art Edition go to the Kalmiopsis Audubon Society for their continued work to champion a safe refuge for the wildlife in Curry County, Oregon, which was a cause important to Lois. Additional works by Lois Miller are available to support other worthy causes such as a scholarship fund in her name established by the Port Orford Rotary and PHS Project Graduation. You can learn more about these efforts here.

Click To Order Luther Burbank Center of the Arts was one of several structures damaged in the wildfires, along with other homes (including Charles Schulz's residence and art archive), countless gardens, vegetation, trees and pastoral landscape. Proceeds from this special edition of WWLBD? support the rebuilding and restoration of Sonoma. (Poster by Rebecca Malamud / Point.B Studio)

The Memory Palace Press

Click To Order Earth illustrating particulates caused by wildfires in the Pacific Northwest during the 2017 fire season. Sale proceeds go to support the fire victims as well as continued development of this invaluable tool by artist Cameron Beccario. Additional prints are available here and at

Click To Order Artist Levi Thompson created this illustration based on a photograph he took by a stream near his home in Oregon. He is donating proceeds of the sale of this work towards the preservation of the Curry County wilderness to aid animals that lost their natural home during the Chetco Bar Fire. Also available as a 10"x10" Open Edition.