Road Trips

Road Trips began as a fascinating free-form year-long series of group art exhibits that is becoming a website — Stay Tuned!

The poster and the ROAD TRIPS logo was designed by Rebecca and Nathan Malamud during the exhibit. The logo incorporates the compass rose previously designed for our Port Orford Historical Photos project and the poster was designed to resemble a road atlas befitting the theme of the exhibition.

Road Trips

Here is one of six ROAD TRIPS Episodic Posters designed for the exhibit featuring the photography of Lance Nix, whose photographic oeuvre was in a large part the namesake of the show.

Road Trips Road Trips

The show was not exclusive to photography despite the ROAD TRIPS metaphor and featured experimental art in several mediums. For example, below is a music visualization built with Stephen Malinowski’s Music Animation Machine created during the exhibit. It features an original composition, “Hearts Go Alone”, by Michael Brumit.

Soul Pie TV

The show also serendipitously included a major historic remodel of the 351-Building where Point.B Studio is located. You can read more about that here:

Here are the 12 ROAD TRIPS participating artists organized by episode:

Episode One

Fine art prints featuring the illustration of Michael Brumit, visual artist, musician and bandleader of SoulPie ( Art Prints Art Prints

Functional Art by William Paul Gaetjens, abstract artist ( Road Trips Road Trips

Photography by Nathan Malamud, 351-House Composer ( Road Trips Road Trips

Window installation by Rebecca Malamud, 351-Artist in Residence ( Road Trips Road Trips

Herbarium and Photography by Michael Crofoot, Botanist, Nature Activist and Gardener. Road Trips Road Trips

Episode Two

Photography by Lance Nix, Master Photographer. ( Lance Nix Lance Nix

Photography by sisters/artists Aimee and Kimberlie Bussmann ( Road Trips Road Trips

Episode Three

Artist Levi Thompson installing ROAD TRIPS. Road Trips

“Documentation of a Rainbow” by Kenneth Hughes, Woodworker and Photographer. Road Trips

Episode Four

Photography by Jeanne Hargrave, Cyclist, Docent and Photographer. Road Trips

Photography by Alan Mitchell, Historian and Photographer ( Road Trips

Episode Five

Photography by John Heida, Master Photographer. Road Trips

Mural by Mother Nature on the side of the 351-Building during ROAD TRIPS. Road Trips

Episode Six

Photography and Lois Miller Memorial Bird Calendar by Lisa Sheffield Guy. ( Lois Miller Calendar Lisa Sheffield Guy Photography

Darren Evans Art, Painter, Sculptor and Muralist ( 351-Building Restoration Road Trips