Spring Thing

SPRING THING, our annual Spring/Summer Startup exhibition, has taken new form as a Champion Tree Planting Project hosted by Point.B Studio. This project "sprung" from years of work during our Rural Design Collective Mentoring Program. You can read more about it here and watch the full-length movie, "The Beginning of the Sustainable World", we produced for an event at the Savoy Theater here.

Redwood Sapling

In November 2018, our first sapling was planted behind the studio building on 351 6th Street in Port Orford, Oregon. This tree has grown substantially since then as shown in a recent photo taken in April 2020.

Point.B Studio Garden Tree 2020

On October 17 2019, three more saplings were planted at our Sixes River Site. All three are visible in the panoramic image (click on the image for a larger view) and in our timelapse video below (Tree planting by Darren Evans and Rebecca Malamud; Music by Nathan Malamud; Cameo by Tucker 😃 ):

Sixes River Planting Site 2020