Historical slideshow of seasons past – to be updated soon!

A Hub Of Creativity

At the Rural Design Collective, we are always working on something creative and inspiring, and the RDC R&D Lab is where we do it. We work in real time during the traditional official season (June – August), so you can always drop by and see what is going on. View our historical slideshow (at right) to discover what we have done in the past – or bookmark our site and learn about what we are doing now and into the future! In 2016 (and as always) we’re branching out into some exciting new directions, so (as we like to say) … STAY TUNED!

Work In Progress

Each season, we like to find a new project that advances an important cause or helps out our local community and complete it during our designated summer timeframe. However, we make it a point to never be idle – so in our spare time we continue to work on a variety of sidecar projects in our R&D Lab (and sometimes when we are in complete overachievement mode, we take on a little Extra Credit).

Typical Happenings at The Rural Design Collective R&D Lab at 351 6th Street

The Cobwebs Crew Conduct A Meetup

BELOW: Members of the Cobwebs Crew work on “Cobwebs — The Movie — Part Two” in the Rural Design Collective R&D Lab at 351 6th Street. The Lab is an interactive and collaborative workspace outfitted with 100mbs WiFi, a web server, internet-enabled devices and a wide variety of computing platforms.


Cobwebs — The Movie — A Work In Progress

BELOW: In 2013, The Cobwebs Crew brought home the “Best of Festival — Student Film” award at The Oregon Coast Film Festival. The Crew won two consecutive years in a row, repeating the achievement the following year for “Cobwebs — The Movie — Part Two” in 2014.


Exploring The Internet of Things

BELOW: Our R&D Lab and street level gallery is completely outfitted with Internet controllable LED bulbs and lightboxes as well as other smart devices that help us save energy and run our hardware more efficiently. Additional upgrades are slated for 2016 and beyond.


Mapping Port Orford Historical Photos (351-Atlas)

BELOW: In 2014, The Rural Design Collective helped release a collection of historical photos of Port Orford into the public domain and has been working to map these photos in relation to time and space. This project has become our 351-Atlas.