Darren Evans Self Portrait

About The Artist — Darren Evans

Painter, sculptor and muralist Darren Evans calls Port Orford his home second only to his place of birth in Wales. His love for the ocean brought him to the Pacific Northwest where the swirling tides and nautical winds are frequent actors in his murals and paintings.

Evans, an artist since childhood, formally studied Fine Arts, Foundation Art and Design at the prestigious Carmarthen School of Art in Wales. He also studied fine arts at Falmouth School of Art in Cornwall. To expand his artistic skills, in 1997 Evans began an apprenticeship in mural work at Evergreene Architectural Arts. Established in 1994, Evergreene is the nation's largest specialty contractor of architectural arts, providing state-of-the-art concept design and execution murals and frescoes. This apprenticeship led to Evans becoming one of the artists on the Evergreene team from 1997 to 2010. Evans has also worked, from 2005 to the present, as a professional muralist with Architectural Details, known affectionately as the ArtPharm, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

He opened Freshwater Gallery in Port Orford, OR, in 2010 where he taught himself the trade of curating and managing a fine art gallery on the Oregon Coast. The gallery was immensely popular and known for its fresh style of art and Darren’s whimsical and intimate portraits. His strong sense of graphic design is often evidenced in his art and has led to commissions of signage and murals which beautify Port Orford and the surrounding locale. He is now co-owner and co-curator of Point.B Studio with his wife, Rebecca, and son, Nate.

Evans is also a life-long surfer, world-traveler, and fisherman. He has spent a lifetime experiencing Europe and Asia as well as other scenic locales where the surf is known to be good.

Darren Evans Einstein