The Work of Rebecca Malamud-Evans / 1987 - 2015

Rebecca Malamud-Evans is a visual artist, information designer and media activist who has been working in and around print and online technologies for over 25 years and weaving the web since there was one. She got her start with online bulletin board systems and community information services in the years before the web reached the masses, and learned the value of collaboration to advance good ideas early in her career. Her designs have helped many notable open source initiatives and social causes gain the recognition they deserve.

Rebecca's creative work has received accolades from The Webby Awards, NewMedia Invision Awards, Art Directors Club of New York, Communication Arts, HOW Magazine, SXSW Multimedia, and the Global Information Infrastructure Awards. The mentoring program she founded, the Rural Design Collective, was recognized at Libre Graphics 2010, an annual international conference that celebrates open source creativity.

Her gallery hosts an annual "happening" each fall - an international celebration of art and creativity featuring artists from all over the globe who embrace some aspect of the Internet in their art. Beginning with a three-
part exhibit entitled "Art in the Information Age" [αἰτία], the current exhibit, [ɡeːɡənʃaɪn], is now in progress.

You can read more about Rebecca and her work here

The Rural Design Collective

The Rural Design Collective is a remote mentoring program with a local focus designed to help motivated, creative people begin a career on the Internet. Founded by Rebecca Malamud-Evans in 2006 and currently in its eighth official season, the program is already making notable contributions and helping others get good ideas off the ground. You can read more about the program at