Point.B Studio hosts an annual "happening" each fall - an international celebration of art and creativity featuring artists from all over the globe who embrace some aspect of the Internet in their art. Each event serves as a snapshot in time of the work in progress at the studio and beyond, realized as an exhibit in our street level gallery.

αἰτία is the third exhibit in the "Art in the Information Age" series. The show highlights the work of Pete Ippel, Gerd Jansen, Linda Tarr, and Dan and Anita Almich. The mark created for our show is an acronym for the three-part exhibit, an inversion, and a palindrome. A collaborative poster (above) was designed while the event was in progress. (webpage)

CURATED AND PRODUCED BY / Rebecca Malamud-Evans

#spring arrived in 2011 and with it began a new tradition of shows at Point.B to showcase the work of house artists in an open studio format and to announce the coming of the art season. The #spring exhibit features original musical performances and house creations never seen elsewhere. It's our seasonal #reboot and promises to be an annual happening for some time to come.