Point.B Studio hosts an annual "happening" each fall - an international celebration of art and creativity featuring artists from all over the globe who embrace some aspect of the Internet in their art. Each event serves as a snapshot in time of the work in progress at the studio and beyond, realized as an exhibit in our street level gallery.

FIND WAY features artists who have elevated information visualization to an art form in their chosen medium. The show highlights the work of Peter Fraterdeus, J.J. Ventrella, Martin Wattenberg and William Paul Gaetjens. Collaborative publishing art by The Rural Design Collective. (webpage)

CURATED AND PRODUCED BY / Rebecca Malamud-Evans

SONGLINES highlights a contrapuntal chorus of artists who - like traditional aborigines - breathe life to unsung territories by composing the landscape through their art, marking a once hidden trail. The artists include stella untalan gassaway, Lois Miller, Erik Goetze, Matt Haughey, Richard Blumberg and Howard Rheingold. (webpage)