Technical Documentation in Progress

icons Title: CODENAME : MathML 4t24 (2011 – 2012)
Subject: A Workflow for Integrating MathML into Technical Standards
Authors: Jasper-Shumaker Pruitt; Rebecca Hargrave Malamud.

Document Abstract: MathML 3.0 is a relatively new W3C standard markup language and the Rural Design Collective is going to have an opportunity to put a lot of theory into practice by marking up a set of equations for a real-world document set. Both presentation and content will be addressed in an effort to make our final work as accessible as possible. [Read Document In Progress][View Alpha Document Set]

icons Title: E-Book Enlightenment (2010)
Subject: Reading and Leading with One Laptop Per Child
Authors: James Simmons, RDC 2010

Document Abstract: The Rural Design Collective worked with author James Simmons to create an eBook on how to make eBooks. This effort brought a wealth of information together to help everyone – especially teachers in the classroom. [Read Entire Document]

icons Title: genCollectionInterface (gCI) (2009)
Subject: An Interface Toolkit for Public Domain Books
Authors: Scotty Auble; Rebecca Hargrave Malamud.

Document Abstract: genCollectionInterface (gCI) is a set of templates and HTML generation tools written in Python which produce a web browser-based interface to a book collection … The goal of the project was to enable and/or enhance access to the Children’s Book Collection of the Internet Archive on the OLPC/XO laptop platform. [Read Entire Document]