WordPress Project Team: Jenn Covington and Oceana Rain Fields
Mentor: Rebecca Hargrave Malamud / NAP Project Director: Anita Almich
Beta Tester: Nathan Malamud … and more (TBD)

The Rural Design Collective is jazzed to be working with New Artists Productions to build a WordPress site to support their inspirational youth program! Founded in 19 95 by Dan and Anita Almich, New Artists Productions is “a non-profit corporation dedicated to the introduction of new young artists to the fields of the Performing Arts. The existence of this corporation is founded on the premise that there abounds considerable young talent needing an opportunity to be recognized.” Anita Almich is joining us as Project Director of this track and will be working closely with RDC mentee Jenn Covington and Oceana Fields to build a new site for this amazing group!

Production Schedule – Last update 08/06/11
NOTE: This schedule is a framework to keep #rdcHQ focused on learning and meeting deliverables. It is updated to reflect weekly progress each Hacker Wednesday.
June 8 – Open RDC Planning Session (Production Schedule Draft)
June 15 – Define Content Areas / Assess Design Needs / Site Map / Track Post: #rdcHQ Hacker Wednesdays Begin!
June 22Wordpress Installation / Theme Search / Content Review and Brainstorming / Track Post: WordPress Tour, Part I
June 29 – Theme Integration / WordPress Tour Part II (Suffusion) / Track Post: Under the Hood: Suffusion
July 6 – Design Mockups / Software Upgrades / Track Post: Hacker Wednesday – WordPress 3.2!
July 13 – Design Customization / WordPress Tour Part III (Suffusion) / Track Post: Hacker Wednesday – Maps, Menus and More!
July 20 – WordPress Widgets (JetPack) / Social Media Integration, Part I (flickr, google basic) Track Post: Hacker Wednesday – Design Review!
July 27 – Suffusion (Advanced) / Track Post: Hacker Wednesday – Design Implementation! + Extra Credit
Aug 3 – Content Migration (Part I) / Design Implementation II / Track Post: Content, Navigation and Design + Movie Trailer
Aug 10 – Content Migration (Part II) / Design Implementation III / Track Post: Design Takes Center Stage!
Aug 17 – Setting The Stage / Design Implementation IV / Track Posts: Enter, Stage Left + Exit, Stage Right
Aug 24 – Defining Users and Roles / Content Creation / Community Outreach / Track Post: Kickstarter FUNDED! + Media Launch
Aug 31 – Private and Public Areas / Social Media Integration / Track Post: #rdcHQ WordPress Track – Post-Production Begins!
Sept 3 – αἰτία / Art in the Information Age / Exhibit Three + 2PM – 5PM Launch Party! ……………. Visit The New Website!
Site Map – Added by Dan 07/13/11

Site Map – Rough Draft 06/21/11
Menu driven page – In Progress
History of NAP – In Progress
Events section – upcoming and current
Videos/photos from shows
Information PDFs (Show audition / Rehearsal schedules / PSA)
Helpful hints for other theater groups (Costume Patterns / Set Patterns / Favorite Sites)
Contact section (address / phone)
Poster history of the program – In Progress
Educational Section (Software for Play Production, Summer and Day Camps / Theater Games and Puzzles / Reference Books / Glossary / Resources)
NAP Sponsors
Ticket and Script Sales
Mailing List (General)
Password-protected Student Area
Donation (Paypal / Kickstarter)
Social Media (Facebook, Flickr, Google, Slideshare, Twitter)