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Status: MAINTENANCE – This project is part of the Rural Design Collective Project Pool and slated for future development
06.14.11“Ebook Enlightenment” Revisions at FLOSS Manuals – This is the current version of the book.

Cover design and interior images by Oceana Rain Fields
eBook Project Team: Oceana Rain Fields, Christopher Garcia
Mentors: R. Scotty Auble, Rebecca Hargrave Malamud, Levi Thompson.

The Rural Design Collective worked with author James Simmons to create an eBook on how to make eBooks. James Simmons is a developer who has created notable Activities for the One Laptop Per Child XO that focus on using the little green machine as a learning tool. We collaborated on the book at FLOSS Manuals, a site that makes it very easy for anyone to author their own book (with a specific focus on software manuals) and convert it into an eBook. This effort brought a wealth of information together to help everyone – especially teachers in the classroom.

Our project team created two versions of “Ebook Enlightenment” using FLOSS Manuals and PrinceXML to create a highly navigable PDF version and a designer print edition for our generous backers on Kickstarter. Both are available for download here:

    → Easy Reader Print(8.5″ x 7″)
    → Easy Reader Online(8.5″ x 11″, with bookmarks)

We documented our research during the mentoring season, and have archived it here for posterity. Enjoy!

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