Status: ACTIVE – This project is part of the Rural Design Collective Project Pool and slated for future development
Wishlist – 1) Add OPDS functionality; 2) Add additional books from BPL; 3) Make books available as bulk download; and 4) Update docs.

Check out our work with the OLPC at our #rdc2009 site!

In 2009, The Rural Design Collective Mentoring Program centered around the public domain and books for kids! We were granted six XO laptops in 2009 from the One Laptop Per Child Foundation Contributors Program — and we created an XO bundle of public domain books from the Internet Archive Children’s Library. Our incredible summer is documented for posterity at our 2009 Rural Design Collective site. We also made our graphics available as part of our “#rdcHQ Public Domain Greatest Hits – Volume One” release in 2010. Links to come – stay tuned!

Project Screenshots

The screenshots below link to a web demonstration of our project. You can also read the documentation of our code, genCollectionInterface (gCI).